Environmental Humanities Research Group

Environmental Humanities

Environmental Humanities (EH) is an interdisciplinary field that provides the scope for cross-disciplinary understanding centering around the broader milieu of environment and society. The central themes of EH emerge from several sub-disciplines ranging from environmental literature, environmental philosophy, environmental history, science and technology studies, environmental anthropology, gender studies, indigenous studies and so forth. With the core of interdisciplinary orientation, EH endeavors towards meaning making and unpacking of humanistic questions about culture, values, ethics, and responsibilities to address pressing issues related to the environment in both global as well as local contexts.  


About EHRG

EHRG at IITGN consists of members trained in anthropology, public policy and governance, sociology, social work, cultural studies and environmental studies. Based at Humanities and Social Sciences, IITGN, the research group aims at collaborative learning, unlearning and relearning about various aspects of environment and society, with a special emphasis on marginalized and vulnerable populations of humans and nonhumans. While there have been various initiatives on multidisciplinary approaches of unpacking the environment in India, Environmental Humanities as a field of research is new and emerging.

Led by Professor Ambika Aiyadurai, EHRG engages in issues related to politics of environment, human-animal relations among marginalized communities and groups, critical questioning and analysis of dominant discourse of conservation, caste and environment and traditional knowledge systems and practices. EHRG@IITGN emphasizes more on local communities’ worldviews with respect to human-dimension of biodiversity conservation and climate change.

EHRG consists of PhD students and Research Staff working in | Climate Change and Migration | Environmental Casteism | Swidden Agriculture | Wildlife Hunting and Trapping | Human-Animal Relations | Gender and Environment |

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