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Soil Testing Lab


The Geotechnical Engineering laboratory is equipped with basic soil testing equipment as well as high end research equipment. The laboratory is equipped with fully automated cyclic triaxial test setup (0.01Hz-2Hz, stress and strain controlled, hydraulic cum pneumatic operation) for liquefaction potential and dynamic properties of soil (high strain amplitude test; 10-4% to 10-2%); cyclic simple shear setup (0.001Hz-5Hz, stress and strain controlled, electromechanical operation) to evaluate liquefaction, shear modulus & damping ratio of soils under earthquake loading conditions up to 10,000 loading cycles. Direct shear device for shear strength of cohesionless soils, unconfined compression (UC) testing device for shear strength of cohesive soils, vane shear test for soft soils, triaxial test setup with DAQ and analysis software for measuring shear strength of all soil types with the facility of measurement of pore pressure response and volume change under compression loading conditions (UU, CU,CD tests), advanced automated triaxial setup with additional facility for extension loading test, K0 test and stress path test, large direct shear testing facility for interface angle determination between Geosynthetics and soil. K0 and stress path triaxial test is also equipped with bender element system to evaluate shear modulus of soil at low strain (10-6% to 10-4%) dynamic loading conditions such as vibratory loading. The suction pressure measurement facility is also available such as dew point potentiometer for total suction measurement of soil using chilled mirror technique (suction values from 0-300 MPa), conventional tensiometer, sensor-based tensiometer, and filter paper testing setup. The facility includes falling and constant head devices for permeability of fine and coarse grained soils, four 3-gang oedometer setup (consolidation test), proctor testing setup, CBR for strength of subgrade soil, sieve shaker, vibratory sieve shaker, hydrometer test facility, Atterberg limit equipment (liquid limit, plastic limit, shrinkage limit), swell pressure measurement facility, specific gravity, relative density, core cutter, sand pouring apparatus, muffled furnace (900°C) for organic matter evaluation in soils, optical and digital LCD microscopes. The field testing laboratory has plate load test of 300 kN capacity with motorized anchoring system for bearing capacity, Standard Penetration Test (SPT), dynamic cone penetration test (DCPT) with automatic free fall hammering system, vibratory plate compactor for field compaction of soils, field permeability test, ground penetration radar with mono and bistatic operations facilitated with antennae of frequencies 100MHz, 400MHz with bistatic operation and 200MHz and 900MHz with monostatic operation. In addition the laboratory has also procured the setup for Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) with provision of Seismic Refraction/Reflection Survey and Downhole/Crosshole Tests. The following equipment have been developed at the Geotechnical laboratory: multiaxial cubical device with flexible boundary conditions and real time feedback control system capable of conducting true-triaxial as well as plane strain testing of soils, constant rate of strain (CRS) setup, slurry consolidometer for preparing the remolded specimens of fine grained soils with self-reacting 250kg reaction frame with four double stroke pneumatic pressure cylinders and four consolidation cells.

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