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Soil Testing Lab

Physical distances and the lack of resources make us unable to perform experiments, especially when they involve sophisticated instruments. Also, good teachers are always a scarce resource. Web-based and video-based courses address the issue of teaching to some extent. Conducting joint experiments by two participating institutions and also sharing costly resources has always been a challenge. With the present day internet and computer technologies the above limitations can no more hamper students and researchers in enhancing their skills and knowledge. Web based simulation of experiments can enthuse curiosity into students as suppliment to performing real experiments when available. This would help in learning basic and advanced concepts. Internet-based experimentation further permits use of resources - knowledge, software, and data available on the web.

This website is ideal for representing a product or service. Its code is descriptive so that is understandable even to those who don't have good knowledge of web technology. All of the images are optimized for web and website will display correctly in all web browsers. The Virtual Geotechnical Laboratory covers four facets of an experimental setup: 1. The Scope and Theory of the experiment; 2. Understanding and Assembly of the setup; 3. Performing the Experiment; 4. Data Analysis and Interpretation of Results.

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